Breaking up the Team!

Our Super Senior team participated in the USTA Senior Nationals in Charleston, SC. in 2007. Although we did not win, the rules state that the team must dissolve and only THREE players from the original team could stay together.
We understood why the team itself would have to break up, but why three players? That would mean splitting up a doubles team. We were finally told a “makes sense” explanation.

If two doubles teams, four players, from the original team were allowed to stay together it would give the new team two very strong teams. Since Senior and Super Senior leagues only play three courts, two strong doubles from the original team could win all their matches, thus winning the league.
By only allowing three players from the original team to play on a new team, the odds are more even. This, of course, is pure speculation….they may not win anyway.

Although I do understand the idea, what isn't considered is the hurt feelings that breaking up a team of friends can incur. Speaking from experience, women are not happy about being “left behind” and no matter how it is explained, it still hurts.

How are the three lucky players chosen? Which of the partners will be left behind? What about the others? Where are they going to find players? The division of an original team of 12 players would mean that four teams of three original players, would have to be created. If they found 8 players apiece, it would take 32 super senior tennis players. And, those who are willing to play may not be as strong as needed.

Omaha is a good-sized city but finding that many 60+ year old players who are willing to travel to play matches is not easy.

OK, I’ve had my say…...we don’t like it, but we’ll have to accept it. We’ve talked about skipping USTA leagues altogether in 2008…there are several other tournaments where we can play as a team. And yes, we could go up to a higher level and stick together. That is a possibility, but at this time, its not something that we are considering.

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