Touchy wrist

Somewhere in this blog, I mentioned that I was a tennis player. And, even though I’m a grandmom, I swing a pretty mean tennis racquet….I took up tennis after having a stroke when I was 29…a long, long time ago.

However…after nearly 40 years, I’ve worn out parts of my body…after 65 things began to fall apart. Right now, my wrist is giving me the most trouble, with leg cramps and “Charlie horses” running second and third.

I played tennis Friday and when my friend saw me wince as I hit the ball, she immediately asked “are you all right?”

“NO, my wrist hurts like crazy and I’m really miffed because I can’t hit the blasted ball over the net!”

Pat is an earth mother, she wants to help and care for everyone. The next morning, I answered my phone and she was on the other end.

”Jim (her husband, a doctor) said to come down to the hospital so he can have a look at your wrist”....Oh great! I didn't mean her to do this!

Its winter in Nebraska and the temp was bone chilling….I did not want to drive down to the hospital for Jim to look at my hand….but, since Pat went to the trouble of calling him and telling him my tale of woe, I had no choice. So, I bundled up and drove to St. Joseph’s Memorial Hospital….a really long way from my home.

Jim examined the wrist, tapping on the top and bottom of it, telling me to squeeze, twisted it hither and yon (and getting a few yips out of me in the process.) and did some other
tests. “Well, you don’t have a carpral tunnel problem, but you could use some physical therapy” “I’ll call Pat and have her get you an appointment with Phil…he’s the best physical therapist in town.” …

It’s great to have a doctor (or the wife of one) as a personal friend....they know the best doctors in town. All you have to do is mention their name, and Wham! You have an appointment…even though the receptionist may have told you “I’m sorry, the doctor doesn’t have an opening for at least 3 weeks". It’s even better when the Dr.’s wife calls for you!

I am now getting physical therapy twice a week with a list of exercises that I do daily. Th
e wrist feels stronger and I can write my name in recognizable script.

I think I’ll see what Phil can do for my knee, it’s been grouchy lately too. Might as well add those exercises to my list.

Zack Hexum - singer

Zack Hexum, an Omaha, NE native and a favorite singer of both Venus and Serena Williams, appeared and sang the National Anthem at the Rock ‘n’ Racquets tennis exhibition Friday, December 14, 2007 at the Quest Center in Omaha.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Racquets featured Andy Roddick and Serena Williams playing against Sam Querrey and Ashley Harkleroad …. plus singles, Roddick against Querrey and Williams taking on Harkleroad.

In 2006, Zack released his first album, THE STORY SO FAR. He is an accomplished guitarist and is excellent with a saxophone. His fans feel that he has a “way with words and melodies”….. drawing on both the guitar and saxophone, yet keeping his own voice. Zack graduated from the University of North Texas where he studied jazz and performed with the top student band on campus. He sang a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem to a crowd of over 7,000 appreciative listeners. His second album, OPEN TO CLOSE, was just released this month.

Sylvia Browne - psychic

Every Wednesday, I make it a point to watch the Montel Williams Show on television. The main reason, other than the fact he has a pretty good program, is that I want to watch Sylvia Browne who is usually his guest on Wednesdays. Sylvia is a psychic - she answers questions from the audience regarding life and death. Or, she will tell a person when to expect to meet the love of their lives…”she’s looking for a MAN!” as Montel is apt to say.

I’ve personally witnessed Sylvia Browne bring closure to distraught families, help the police close cases, and open people’s hearts to help them see the good within themselves” – Montel Williams

“How was my brother killed…who killed him?”…Sometimes can Sylvia can give the questioner clear answers…”he was killed by 3 men who drove a green truck with Texas plates” often she can and does go more into depth…sometimes having the questioner wait until the show is over.

I’m not overly religious and I am not too sure what, if anything, is waiting for us when we die. Heaven is a distinct possibility since that’s what I was brought up to believe…but what is Heaven? In my mind, I imagine Heaven to be a place populated with either filmy white ghostly figures or maybe spheres of light. Or maybe nothing at all.

I’m reading Sylvia Browne’s book LIFE ON THE OTHER SIDE a Psychic’s Tour of the Afterlife. It is an amazing book and one that gives me hope......I lost a dear friend this fall, and I hope that Sylvia's descriptions are accurate and that "Home" is as beautiful and wonderful as she says it is. And that my friend is healthy and happily painting, drawing and creating as she once could.

The book has caused me to rethink some of the things I’ve been taught. But it makes me wonder if a disturbed teenager or adult would be tempted to take his/her own life after reading it. If they feel they have nothing to live for here on earth, what have they got to lose......the afterlife will be so much better than the life they have now.

Sylva may address this in the book....