The Road to Omaha . Rosenblatt Stadium CWS

This article was written in 2009...unfortunately, Rosenblatt Stadium was demolished shortly after the 2009 baseball season.  We now have a brand new, shiny stadium, but it will never have the flavor and friendship that those who attended the CWS at Rosenblatt remember.


Soon it will be June and the best collegiate baseball teams in the nation will be on the road to Omaha's Rosenblatt Stadium to slug it out for the National Championship. This series is truly an event, with thousands of baseball lovers making the pilgrimage each year.
The eight 2009 CWS teams have arrived in Omaha and excitement is in the air (and in Rosenblatt Stadium).
  • Cal State Fullerton
  • Arkansas
  • LSU
  • Virginia (VA has never been in the CWS)
  • North Carolina
  • Arizona State
  • Texas
  • Southern Mississippi
W E L C O M E...... TO...... O M A H A !!!!!!
Usually Omaha's weather in June is hot......with maybe a thunder storm or two (we have REALLY loud thunder storms), and occasionally a tornado warning, but all in all you couldn't ask for better.

The College World Series is something every college baseball fan young or old should experience at least once in his/her lifetime. It's truly the greatest organized baseball atmosphere you'll ever encounter. Ballpark advertising is absent during the 10-day tournament, so the outfield wall and scoreboard contain only NCAA logos. The focus here is on baseball, and that's it.

Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium is located about one minute off of I-80, along 13th Street, in a residential neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska, about three miles south of downtown. The Missouri River and Iowa state line are a mile from the ballpark which is easy to see from the Interstate thanks to its elevated hilltop location.

Large crowds attend the CWS games and the majority of them are Omaha and surrounding area fans. I was born in Omaha and grew up with the College World Series. I know how the locals feel about the players….we love having them here! We enjoy the boys of summer who come to play, we enjoy seeing the wonder in their eyes when they see the big blue stadium….they're the lucky ones..…they’re really here.

Imagine the thrill of driving across the Missouri River on Interstate 80, looking to your left and seeing Rosenblatt Stadium on the hill.

Ask any of the players who’ve played at Rosenblatt. In fact, ask any of the fans who have driven here to attend. Goosebumps and teary eyes are not uncommon.

HOME OF THE NCAA MEN’S COLLEGE WORLD SERIES – A big sign…yes, this is it!

You've really made it! You are the best of the it's time to show the rest of the nation that you deserve to be here!

Although all of the games always sell out, there are plenty of seats to be found, even if you only have the $6 general admission tickets for the outfield bleachers. There's a festive atmosphere outside the ballpark, with numerous vendors set up across the street selling food and souvenirs. The official Fan Fest occupies a large amount of space near the stadium's main concourse, where former Major League players often sign autographs after games. Occasionally a movie star or two can be spotted sitting in the stands.

A trip to Rosenblatt in June is one of those journeys that should be experienced by all.
Omaha Municipal Stadium was built in 1948 with a seating capacity of 10,000. Two years after opening, Omaha attracted the College World Series to their new stadium and Omaha has been a part of the CWS ever since. It's one of a handful of stadiums that still uses live organ music.

Unfortunately Rosenblatt Stadium will be replaced in 2010....the new stadium will be shiny and up-to-date....but will no longer have the festive atmosphere. The name will be changed.....depending on which major company wins the naming rights. Parking will be $10.00 and only NCAA items will be more little vendors nor mom and pop beer gardens.

If you want to experience Rosenblatt at it's best and take back memories of how it used to be.....plan to come in 2009 and possibly 2011 it will be too late.

As Omahans, we look forward to seeing your team play in the CWS in June. You'll enjoy shopping and the friendly midwesterners in Omaha and you’ll take back great memories. You'll realize what a vibrant city Omaha is. We promise that visits to the Henry Doorly Zoo, Boystown, the Old Market, the SAC museum, the Durham Museum and many of our other landmarks will make your stay in Omaha something to remember.

You’ll eat the best steaks in the world in Omaha's restaurants. Maybe you'll meet Warren Buffett at Gorats, his favorite steak house ( its not a "fancy" need to dress up)

And don’t forget to stop for an ice cream cone or the nationally famous “hot fudge malt” at Zesto’s. (in 2010/11 Zestos at Rosenblatt will be a memory....there's no room at the new stadium for an ice cream stand)

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