Baby Andrew and sister Rebecca

Andrew Michael is growing up so fast. He is 3 weeks old now and is doing everything that a baby that size, look around, sleep and of course, the ole diaper thing.

The newness of having a baby brother is wearing off a little..Rebecca is back to reading and practicing her flute instead of hovering over his bassinet watching him. But, she's still "johnny-on-the-spot: when her mom needs a "go-for", i.e. she goes for the bottle, goes for the spit-up towel, goes for a fresh diaper, etc. She hasn't had the diapering by herself experience yet, but says that she's ready! Obviously, she hasn't been around when Andrew does his "big job".....his father has been known to come out of the nursery gasping for breath.

Andrew's daddy is a great father....he does his share of diapering, feeding and cuddling with his little son. Years ago, when my children were tiny babies, Ken was scared to even touch them. We were cautioned "be careful of the "soft spot" on their heads", "support their heads when you pick them up" and "burp them over your shoulder" as opposed to sitting them up on your lap and patting their backs....Way too much for an father in 1960 to handle.

Rebecca and Andrew will be taking their first plane trip within the next week. Our daughter Christine and her family live in Naperville, Illinois and will be expecting us all there for Thanksgiving. Since the baby is so small, his parents decided that flying will be the quickest way to make the trip.

Ken and I will drive and will be carrying all the essentials that baby's need....bassinet, 249 disposable diapers, can of powdered baby formula, baby swing, clothing and everything else that would be troublesome to carry around an airline terminal. We can't take the car seat since they will be renting a car at the airport and will need it. Luckily, they are leaving the kitchen sink at home (grin).

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