Bubble Bath -- be careful

When my 8 year old granddaughter developed a rash and burning in her pelvic area, we took her straight to her pediatrician.

The first thing she asked was "does she use bubble bath when she takes a bath?" Of course, what little girl doesn't love sitting in a tub of bubbles!

She told us to look at the bubble bath ingredients...."does it have Sodium Lauryl Sulfate listed?"

She then told us that sodium lauryl sulfate is a very strong detergent which is put in many products (
see Sodium Lauryl Sulfate ) such as bubble bath to give them lots of foam and bubbles. But it can also burn the skin like diaper rash. Children are most susceptible. However, many of the elderly have sensitive skin and react the same way.

Jenny is older now and prefers showers to baths......but we still try to monitor the types of soap that all of us use.

Sometimes my skin will dry and flake for "no reason".....checked the label and sure enough there's that ole sodium lauryl sulfate.

Many health food stores carry soaps, shampoos and cleaning products.....but even some of the "natural" product contain a foaming ingredient.....unless you've been without a bath for a month, been working in a coal mine or living in the woods all of your life....you DON'T GET DIRTY enough to require something that strong!

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Robert said...

Actually an ingredient that's stronger used to be in common use: sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate.