Broken china -- no problem!

Oh nooooooo….did you just drop a plate from your very best set of china? Whoops, now you only have 10 plates (don’t forget, you dropped one last Thanksgiving!!) of your set of 12. That set of china was a wedding present from your husband’s family 20 years ago and you know that the brand and setting name is no longer available. Your mother-in-law would never forgive you… was her mother’s favorite set!!

But, all is not lost!

Replacements Ltd to the rescue!

Founded in 1981, Replacements Ltd is the world’s largest supplier of old and new dinnerware including china, silver, crystal and collectibles. Their 300,000 square foot facilities (the size of five football fields!) house an inventory of 11 million pieces in more than 250,000 patterns, some over 100 years old. Some are new, some are trendy, modern collections from Pier One, Crate & Barrel and Martha Stuart which are popular now.

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Replacements - Replace that broken dish!

I have used this service many times, replacing dishes and also adding to a dinnerware set. I had the dishes and smaller pieces but couldn't afford the serving dishes, relish plates and other add-ons. Guess what - Replacements had them.

I have a set of "Angel of the Month" figurines...unfortunately, I only have 11....April was broken a long time ago. Again, this was my husband's mother's set that came to us when she passed away. I have a standing order with Replacements and if April ever becomes available....SHE'S MINE!

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