Black Tennis Pros - Great tennis players!

My friend Edagowa, Black Tennis Pros , has a great site about tennis and tennis players, both black and white. The tennis game itself doesn't have a color code....the tennis ball doesn't know if it's being hit by Venus Williams or Kim just knows that it's having the fuzz knocked off of it. Edagowa's site has photos of many tennis stars and some "on the way up" players.

One of my favorite players when I first started playing was Althea Gibson. She was sooo tall and soooo fast and she floated around the court like she had wings.

Althea Gibson was the first black tennis player who poked a hole in the color line. She overcame unbelievable odds to achieve international acclaim and success. She was born in the streets of Harlem, NY and showed remarkable composure in the face of racial prejudice. Althea paved the way for the likes of Venus and Serena Williams and the other women of color. She has often been referred to as the Jackie Robinson of tennis.

Visit Edagowa's site: Black Tennis Pros

Learn more about Althea Gibson: Althea Gibson

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