So You're finally a Senior Citizen - Part 2

Getting back to this senior citizen thing....what are the benefits?

1. most restaurants will give you a discount. ASK !!

2. you can park in "senior citizen" parking spaces (if you can beat those 59 year olds to it.)

3. Goodwill and many thrift stores will give you a 10% discount--you have to tell them that you are a senior
...their rules, they are not supposed to ask you.

4. If you don’t mind telling people that you qualify for senior discounts (Ha, just because I don't look it, I AM A SENIOR), can be a good resource for saving on thousands of products and services including airlines, car rentals, travel, sports, recreation, shopping, restaurants, national parks, medical services, pharmacies, museums, and much more.

The Web site also offers a free weekly newsletter that focuses exclusively on senior discounts. When you log onto the Web site, search by your city, state, and the category you’re interested in.

5. you get a free checking account at your bank....usually no charge for cashier's checks either. ASK......the cashier won't ask if you're a senior.....some people are very defensive about their age.

6. you qualify for an America the Beautiful Senior Pass - LIFETIME PASS for U.S. citizens age 62 or over. The pass provides access to and use of Federal recreation sites that charge an entrance or standard amenity. Provides a 50% discount on camping, swimming and boat launch fees. Cost $10.00

Click on You might be able to take advantage of some of them.....and save yourself some $$$$$$$

Well, since you've discovered some the benefits of being a "senior citizen" suppose you get back to exercise so that you can live long enough to enjoy them.

Particularly the camping, horseback riding and hiking, some things we did in June at Estes Park. We hiked, hiked and hiked. Have to be in good shape for that. We lived in a tent for a one told us that although the camp grounds had running cold water and flush toilets, there were no shower facilities....oh well. We were able to find 'pay' showers in Estes Park (connected to a laundry of all places) plus after horseback riding at the YMCA camp, we had showers there.....after being out on a horse for 3 hours, we needed them.

Two of our party of 9 (3 tents), were McDonald's addicts and the highlight of their day was when we drove into Estes Park and stopped at Micky D's. (they give senior discounts on coffee, dont'cha know) Our 13 year old granddaughter remarked that "if I NEVER see another McDonald's again it'll be too soon!)

If you enjoy golf, tennis, jogging or any other sport ....GET OUT THERE AND DO IT!

At this moment, you are the youngest you will be for the rest of your life. Don't waste it!

Coors Silver Bullet model train

The newest addition to Ken's model train collection is a Coors Light Silver Bullet O scale train. He can’t wait to take it to the train shows and store openings where his club displays their various layouts. The Silver Bullet has a flashy chrome engine pulling 4 shiny chrome-plated reefer cars and a reefer tail car.

As the train pulls into the station, the Proto-Sound 2.0 system plays arrival and departure sounds, conversations between the engineer and the stationmaster, and instructions to the men who are to unload the beer from the train itself. It also plays music but we can’t determine if it is well-known song or maybe a commercial for Coors Beer.

When the train stops, reefer car doors open, and frosty looking smoke billows out revealing the cans of chilled Coors beer.
The "smoke" is actually a liquid that is put into the individual reefer cars. It has a nice smell and I always know when Ken is messin' around with the trains because our family room/train room frosts up!