Thank You MENARDS for Your USA Sale

THANK YOU Menards for Being PRO American

March 13 through March 20, 2011 were banner days for America workers. On Sunday, March 13, 2011, our Sunday supplement included a 20 PAGE flyer for Made in U.S.A items...every one!

274 items, all sporting a little America flag....MADE IN THE USA! and even indicating WHERE in the USA they were made.

Since we had been planning to put a new floor in our kitchen, this was the time to do it...we bought laminate flooring (Rustic Allure) made by the SHAW Company in Ringgold, Georgia. I will be proud of my American kitchen floor!

The flyer is crammed full of items that are used every day in every household in the USA...the prices are are excellent and quality is as good or better than can be found in comparable imported goods. But, many of us don't bother to look for American made products ...its takes tooooo much effort to turn over a container or bottle to see where it was made!!!!  And, we just assume that foreign-made products will be cheaper...thats not always true.   This week, Menards was doing it for us!

Its time we quit automatically buying imported items and start thinking about things that OUR OWN American workers make. Sure, it takes a little effort to look at each and every item from canned food to cleaning products....but you live in AMERICA, don't you think you owe it to our American factories and American workers to buy their products?

Someday it may be YOUR job on the line.....

NOTE:  Its now Spring of 2012 and Menards has run this particular advertisement nearly every month since March of 2011.  Diane Sawyer's nightly news program has shown how buying American Made Products has revived some of America's dying businesses.  Now we need, for our health's sake, to look at the labels on CANNED PRODUCTS.  China seems to be very lax in what goes into products for foreign consumption......check the internet...look at how FISH are raised in China...what and how they are being fed.  Orange juice is not always from American oranges and pesticides banned here are used widely in other countries.  My morning Tropicana orange juice is blended with OJ from Brazil....I always thought it was pure Florida orange juice.  Now I know better.

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