Our Dog, Kuper the Keeshond

Kuper was our 10 year old Keeshond.....he was a ball of fur….in fact, so much of it that I’d often offer to sell a few pounds! I’ve knitted scarfs from Kuper’s combings mixed with raw wool and they turn out beautifully…looks and feels like angora. 

The Keeshond breed originated in Holland and was bred originally as a barge watchdog and ratter. It's origins can be dated back to the 1700's. His job was to sit on the barge and bark at anyone or anything that happens by. If a rat tried to board the barge, Kup's ancestor's job would have been to discourage it from doing so....since they aren't really fighters, they probably barked it to death. 

Keeshond's are known as the "smiling Dutchmen" . Look at Kuper's face...he's always smiling (YES, that's a smile!)  Kees also have distinctive facial markings.....their eyes are circled by dark hairs making them look like they're wearing glasses. How many dogs do you know that wear spectacles??

Kuper was an outstanding representative of his breed, he barked at anything that moved. However, just between us, barking is about all that he would do. I’d never heard Kuper growl or snarl at anyone or anything. 

We jokingly say that if a burglar ever got into our house, Kuper would bound up to him, lick his hand and happily point out where the silver and jewels (if we had any) were hidden. Kup was a very gentle dog and our grandkids crawled all over him.Our granddaughter loved to dress him….although it was not easy putting a dress on top of all that fur!

Kuper's baby picture                                               Kuper all grown up

I'm very sad to say that Kuper died in February of 2012.  He had jumped or fallen from our back deck and damaged his spine.  Our vet said it was severe.  Several days later we went into the kitchen where his bed was, and found that he had passed away in his sleep.  We buried him at our lake cabin where he loved to play and swim in the pond.  I vow that I will never have another pet, be it dog, cat or bird.  My heart has been broken too many times at their deaths, and I can't do it any more.

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