Ken, Andrew And The Beanstalk Lily

We have a little "shade" garden in our back yard where Ken plants his favorite blooms.  He planted 5 lily bulbs last year and this year they came up like champs!  In fact, one seems to think it's related to the bean in "Jack and the Beanstalk"....its heading for the stars.  Ken is 5'10 and the lily is nearly there now and still growing.  The stalk itself is about 2" in diameter at the base.  I am waiting to see what the blooms will look like (if I can see them from my 5'3" height).  Our four year old grandson is dwarfed by the lily in our pond of the same variety of lily that we have in the shade garden.

We have had a lot of wind this spring and I was sure that the flowers would be blown over, but they are defying the 30+ mph winds that are here nearly every day.  Occasionally the winds approach the 50's....we are constantly picking up branches and twigs which do a number on our mower if we don't.  The stalks of the lilies are very flexible and bend and sway but don't break.  Amazing.

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