Worlds Greatest Hobby - Model Railroading

Ken and I went to a model train show this week end….Ken’s hobby is 0 scale model trains and this was one of the biggest shows we’ve ever attended. Along with the detailed train layouts one of the things that really impressed me were the logo mats and especially the logo canopy over one of the exhibits.

The logo canopy pictured a beautifully detailed Lionel model train. It was so pretty that it caught everyone’s attention….”oh yeah, here’s where the Lionel trains are!” And drew people like a magnet.

I don’t usually pay attention to trade show carpet or trade show flooring, but I couldn’t help thinking that it really made the whole place look classy. Many dealers or sellers do not realize what a variety of colors, shapes and styles logo mats come in, and how a printed logo canopy can draw attention to their booth.

The “World Greatest Hobby – Model Railroading” show was full of colors….both on the floor and the booths. Of course, we bought, bought and bought. You know what they say “the difference between men and boys is usually the cost of their toys”…’s toys tend to cost A LOT!

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