Andrew, The Future Amtrac Engineer

Have a pint-sized train enthusiast in the family? Our 3 year old grandson Andrew loves his train cap, bandana and of course the wooden train whistle. He does his best to sound like a train whistle but he needs a little more ummpth when he blows! He chugs around the house pretending to be his favorite TV character Thomas the Train. Or sometimes Percy.....his 2nd most favorite.

I have two engineer train hat, bandana and whistle sets for with a red bandana and one with blue. They are new, never worn or blown.. The bandanas are triangular and are 29" x 19" x 19". They are one thickness since the square bandanas doubled over made it too bulky for a child.

The Engineer's hat is adjustable in the back to allow room for growth! The wooden whistle is 6" long.

The set costs $12.00 including postage. Contact me at if you would like one.

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