Who Doesn't Love a Train?

Who Doesn't Love a Train?

Guest post written by Mikel Trevino

Like most stay at home moms, time can sometimes feel like the enemy as I try to get everything done. My three year old son is very curious and is more than willing to follow me around the house interviewing me on life, hobbies, nature, basically anything that crosses his mind. That is, unless his friend Thomas is on the TV with programming from TVByDirect.com.

We watch many children's programs, but the animated show, “Thomas and Friends” is my grandson's favorite. It miraculously holds his attention for the entire half hour. With satellite television, we get to watch the show twice a day.

Thomas is a little blue train, who lives on an island with his friends. What I enjoy about the show is the subtle way it teaches moral lessons. Each episode tells two stories about Thomas' adventures. The stories tend to share a theme, usually helping others. Thomas, or one of his friends, will be faced with an objective as simple as moving cargo, or as complicated as being envious of another. The friends come together in the end, offering support and advice to resolve the issue.

I think helps my son to be more social. If Thomas can make friends, he can too. It also makes my job a little easier. Even if I can't recall which Thomas episode is relevant, when he's angry or acting selfish, I can remind him of what Thomas would do.

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