eBid...my new best friend!

Ok folks, I've tried unsuccessfully to ditch Ebay....under new management, they (the powers that be) have managed to alienate a goodly portion of their sellers. Ebay auctions used to be fun....put a few items on for auction, mostly odds and ends that have been cluttering up your closets and the space under the stairs and suddenly you are a SELLER!!!

Garage and yard sales took too much time and although donating them to Goodwill or the Salvation Army was always a last resort, I wanted (NEEDED) to make a little money with these worldly goods....some of which were going to be really hard to part with.

Sooooo, I turned to Ebay. For the first few years it was really fun...I'd gather up outgrown clothing from my adult children, baby things from my grandchildren and lots of odds and ends that the 6 households of us had accumulated.

Then, new Ebay management took over. Suddenly they were changing listing fees, increasing them of course. Then the image price was increased....(they have since dropped that increase), and as of this month are only accepting Paypal (owned by Ebay) for payments.

My little Ebay auctions appealed to those who would rather pay by check or money order and did not have a Paypal account. Now they are no longer able to bid on my auctions. I soon found that I was paying more in Ebay fees than I was making.

The seller (me) pays listing fees, a percentage of the final selling price of the item, about 5%, plus a fee to Paypal if Paypal is used to pay for it.. They have also made some major changes to the feedback portion of Ebay. Feedback was always a great fun for me...I had 100% excellent feedback and loved seeing the little feedback icon on my auction listings.

To make a long story short, I now have my own store (free) at eBid - no listing fees, low 2% final fees, and nice, friendly people. Every question that I had was answered promptly and any problems that I had with listing were quickly handled.

Unfortunately eBid does not have the buyers that Ebay has, even though the items are generally priced cheaper. So, I'll have to bite the bullet and start listing on Ebay again.....But YOU can help!!!!

I would be happy to have you visit my stores: MJ's Closet http://us.ebid.net/stores/mjs-closet or LeBoicour Baby http://us.ebid.net/stores/Le-Boicour-Baby

And if you are interested in auctions, both buying or selling, please have a look at eBid ....you might find it's just what you've been looking for!


Sunny Creatives said...

Wow!! - Ebid is my new best friend too. Nothing is too much trouble for the forum members and some of my questions would have got me flamed on the eBay forums.

Apart from having the friendliest forums on the net, the lads upstairs are super quick at sorting things out.

My postie is kept busy delivering all my buys from eBid, all sent to me at supersonic speed and packaged with care (the feedback I leave is getting really boring now) - eBid is where I am doing my Xmas shopping this year :)

JeaneBee said...

Hi Sunny, thanks for the thumbs up with this article! I'll come and visit your store if you'll have a look at mine!

JeaneBee aka Starchild2