Candy, gotta love the stuff

Remember those old fashioned candies....names that you seldom see any more. You'd walk into the neighborhood grocery, a penny or two clutched in your hand, and head for the candy counter. (if your folks were really good customers, the grocer would sometimes give you two candies for a were in 7th heaven)

OK, I admit it, I like candy. When I was a kid, Hersheys was my very, very favorite choice.....those nice sized bars (either they have shrunk or my memory is getting bad) that MELTED. I'm tempted to google the ingredients of the original Hershey bar...for some reason they aren't as gooy, soft and meltable as they used to be.

Now this is a secret just between you and me. I would take a Hershey bar (wrapped of course) and stuff it into my back pocket to soften. Then after the bar was no longer solid, really nice and gooy, I would take it out and unwrap it. Yummmm, licking the melted chocolate off of my fingers and then licking the wrapper was one of the joys of my young life.

At 8 years came easily.

Look at these sites...maybe your childhood favorite is waiting for you!

Old Time Candy

Nostalgic Candy

Sweet Nostalgia


Nana Net said...

My favorite of the old ones is "T-Berry Gum!" I remember chewing this all the time. Plus those small sized "Jawbreakers!" You know they came in the greenbox with all the different colored ones in it? Now the only time I can find them is usually in a convience store or during Halloween mixed in with a bunch of other candy. And priced at like $5.99 and up!

Thanks to for the web-sites. Talk about a stroll down memory lane...

Have a good evening. And take care.

Nana Net

JeaneBee said...

Teaberry Gum is in Sweet Nostalgia and the jawbreakers are in Old Time Candy. The shipping is more than the price of the candy, but if you buy a bunch, I think shipping would be cheaper.

But hey, you're buying memories! Sometimes price isn't important.


Pat said...

Plastic lips, now there's a real candy and thankfully young kids are still having fun with them.

Nice to know some candies are not entirely retro, eh?

Love the site.

Pat said...

Plastic lips, gotta love'em. Took some to my grandkids and they had a blast. Nothing retro about them, nope, they remain out and about.

Nice site, gotta come back here more often, especially since I found a tennis fan

Pat said...
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