My Passion for tennis (7) - THE INNER GAME OF TENNIS - Gallwey

Programming for results is the most useful method of communication with Self 2...remember Self 2, the doer. Self 2 needs clear visual images of the needed results.

For instance, you're hitting shallow and without a lot of power. Imagine the arc the ball would have to take to land deep in the court, noticing how high over the net it would pass, and hold that image in your mind for several seconds. Then before hitting any balls, ask Self 2 to do it and let it happen. If the ball continues to fall shallow, don't try to correct it or criticize yourself. Again visualize the ball passing two feet over the net and landing near the baseline....Self 2 now knows what you want it to do....surprisingly, it will do it.

Once you are competing in a match, its too late to work on your strokes, but it is possible to hold in your MIND where you WANT THE BALL TO GO and then allow the body to do what is necessary to get it there. Think of it as mentally guiding the ball. It is essential to trust Self 2....and refrain from giving "how-to-do-it" instructions in an effort to control the stroke.

You can make a change in one or more elements of your strokes....and is it done exactly the same way as programing for results. This time you are programing for form. You've seen this done so many times during your own matches....but you didn't recognize them as programing for form. The person doing it may not know it either.

Suppose you missed an easy return of serve....have you ever swung your racket afterwards in what you consider to be the right way to stroke the ball? Then before hitting any more balls, you swing your racket several times, letting the racket stay flat and allowing yourself to experience how it feels to swing the racket correctly?

What you're doing is reprograming your swing, showing Self 2 how to hit the ball correctly. Again, Self 2 needs to be shown, not yelled at!

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