Little Sioux Scout Ranch restoration

After the deadly June 11 tornado, which took the lives of four young Boy Scouts, restoration projects for the Little Sioux Scout Camp are being organized.

The tornado destroyed much of the camp and damaged thousands of trees. Work will also be started on the 25 miles of trails on the property which need to be cleared of the debris left from the storm. The restoration project includes reforestation, road reconstruction, rebuilding the Scout ranger's house which was totally demolished, and construction of new shelters.

Seven teams are working on restoring the camp at this time. However it's unknown how long the cleanup will take. So far, the Mid- America Boy Scout Council has received $174,000 in donations to restore the camp. In addition to the restoration, a memorial is being planned in honor of the four Boy Scounts who died there and the boys who were injured during the June 11, 2008 tornado.

If you'd care to send a donation to help restore the Little Sioux Scout Ranch please send to:

Mid-America Council
Attn: Little Sioux Recovery
12401 West Maple Road
Omaha, Nebraska 68164

Lets get those young scouts back to their ranch.

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