Buying insurance -- Necessary at any age

Yep, I’m a senior…

When I say I’m a senior, I don’t mean in high school or college. I am a senior in life.

My husband just celebrated his 72nd birthday so I guess its time to start thinking about the pros and cons of long term care insurance
. I am Mrs. Cheapskate…any way to save money on senior health insurance or senior health care will get my attention. Actually, I’ve never liked thinking about insurance….the only way YOU come out ahead is to die.

My friend, who has more money than George W. Bush has a long term care and a burial insurance policy . Actually, she doesn’t need an insurance policy, she has more than enough to get buried like royalty, but her accountant said she needed additional insurance in case she, for some reason, ended up in a nursing home or needed help with Medigap plans. According to him, her small fortune in stocks, bonds and savings would dwindle down to a pittance.

Ugh, this is not a subject that makes me happy…, I’ll just stop writing and go read a book! We have the new Harry Potter one (gift for granddaughter) …she won’t mind if I read it first.

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