How to Avoid the "con man"

Who is the "con man"? He's the guy who digs through your trash and finds your social security number on a document, your credit card number on a statement or personal information about your health from a discarded doctor's bill. Addresses, account numbers, birth dates, email addresses, names, passwords, PINS, phone numbers, signatures, social security numbers...dug out of a trash can or apartment dumpster and pure gold to a "con man".

He finds that your father had lung cancer and was treated at a local hospital, you took out a cash loan to pay for your new car, have several credit cards even though you have bad credit, applied for and was refused another credit card application last month and have recently filed for bankruptcy.

Doesn't sound like your finances would appeal to anyone...heaven only knows who would want your credit rating...Boy, could you be wrong.

Take a few minutes and read The Con Man's Blog may save you a big headache.

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