Corn Syrup vs. Sugar

You've probably seen the advertisements promoting the idea that corn syrup is the same as sugar. But there is a difference - high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) has a slightly higher quantity of fructose than do traditional cane or beet sugars. But the big downside of HFCS isn't that it is much less healthy than regular refined sugar (sucrose) the real downside is that since HFCS is so cheap, it is widely used, you find it in nearly everything.  
It's a primary ingredient in soft drinks and often hidden in processed foods including salad dressings, ketchup, jams, jellies, ice cream, bread or crackers. Actually, it is one of the biggest sources of calories in the American diet, and serves as a "marker" for identifying cheap, processed, unhealthy foods of all kinds.

Regular consumption of HFCS or the regular consumption of any sugar, may contribute to obesity.  Obesity  is a risk factor for several types of cancer and diabetes. HCFS should be avoided...try to avoid foods which contain it - read food labels carefully. Also be aware that the Corn Refiners Association wants to rename HFCS as "corn sugar" - if this is approved, you will need to look out for that term on food labels as well.  I have already seen TV advertisements talking about corn sugar stating that "sugar is sugar".  And we wonder why so many American children and citizens are F-A-T. 

We have sugar coated this, sugar coated that...even my favorite salad dressing changed it's recipe and is now sweet more Wishbone Italian Dressing for our family.

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