Babysitting Oakley

No, Oakley is not a new grandchild.  She is our granddaughter's Westmoreland Terrier, a little bundle of energy.  If you've ever seen the Cesar Dog Food commercials, you've seen a Westmoreland Terrier.  Beautiful white silky hair and a sweet face.  But poor little Oakley doesn't look like that this week....she had a run-in with a whole bunch of cockleburrs while at our river cabin (which has not been flooded thank goodness).  Anyway, Oakley was so full of burrs and stickers that she had to be shaved...the groomer said that she had been rolling in sand too, and she practically ruined her electric trimmer on her.  She looks awful.....

 Lisa took Jenny and a friend to World of Fun in Kansas City, so Ken and I were in charge of their dogs.  Nikki is a Gordon Setter and Cody is a larger than normal Brittney Spaniel.  All we had to do for them was let them out in the morning and put them in at night  The yard is fully fenced and they were accustomed to being outdoors.  Oakley, on the other hand, is like Houdini...she can squeeze through or under anything, including the fence. She doesn't run away, but will sit on the front stoop waiting for someone to come home.  Couldn't have that.  So, I tucked her under my arm and brought her over to our house.

I am not used to having a little dog underfoot and Oakley was not used to our house. So it was clickity click, clickity click as she padded across my new wooden kitchen floor following me from the table to the sink.  From the sink to the bedroom, from the bedroom back to the kitchen.  Stop and turn, there's Oakley underfoot.  Take two steps backward and practically step on Oakley.  Sit down and Oakley was in your lap.  I always thought that having a 2 year old in the kitchen was distracting.....Oakley was worse!  Luckily Lisa and the kids were only at Worlds of Fun for two days...otherwise my hair would be grayer than it is now, and Oakley may not have survived dodging my feet too much longer.

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