Why Didn't Someone Tell Me a Long Time Ago?

If you wash your laundry using a gallon container of liquid soap i.e. Kirkland (from Costco), Wisk, All, etc. you have a little plastic cup that you measure with. And, that little cup gets goopier and stickier every time you use it. Its a mess to try to clean out. Plus, when you put the cup back on, the soap drains out of the cup down the side of the container, making an even bigger mess.

One day I was complaining about it to my husband, and, as he occasionally does, he looked at me like I had no brains at all. "why don't you toss it into washing machine along with your laundry?"

Well duh!

Yes folks, tossing the little plastic cup in with each batch of clothes was a brilliant idea, and it works! No more goopy, sticky plastic cup.......Hurrah!

I'm not sure if it would survive a trip through the hot dryer, so be sure to remove it from the washing machine before tossing the clothes in!

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