Coors Silver Bullet model train

The newest addition to Ken's model train collection is a Coors Light Silver Bullet O scale train. He can’t wait to take it to the train shows and store openings where his club displays their various layouts. The Silver Bullet has a flashy chrome engine pulling 4 shiny chrome-plated reefer cars and a reefer tail car.

As the train pulls into the station, the Proto-Sound 2.0 system plays arrival and departure sounds, conversations between the engineer and the stationmaster, and instructions to the men who are to unload the beer from the train itself. It also plays music but we can’t determine if it is well-known song or maybe a commercial for Coors Beer.

When the train stops, reefer car doors open, and frosty looking smoke billows out revealing the cans of chilled Coors beer.
The "smoke" is actually a liquid that is put into the individual reefer cars. It has a nice smell and I always know when Ken is messin' around with the trains because our family room/train room frosts up!

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