Stay Away from My House

Our home is in a nice area of least we thought so. But crime happens everywhere. Maybe it's the are being lost and people need money. So, they steal it. A "you have it...I need it" mentality.

Our neighor's house was broken into last week...the thief threw a rock through their picture window and stole a purse that was sitting on a nearby table. The home owner had turned off the security system and forgot to reset the alarm. They have a dog (can YOU be sued by a thief if your dog bites him?) but it was in the basement family room with the rest of the family.

Does my liability insurance cover me if the thief was cut by the broken glass as he reached into the room to grab the purse? I suppose a "good" lawyer could say that it was "tempting" the thief because the purse was in plain sight so the homeowner was at fault. What if the thief had tripped over the water hose on his way to picking up the BIG rock....could the homeowner be sued?

He hasn't been caught yet, but his stocking cap was left behind. It caught on the broken glass as he reached into the room.....maybe his DNA is on it!


Nana Net said...

Seems no one is safe now-a-days from crime. Which is a shame! My husband has said that he is going to buy me a gun to keep on me at all times here at home! Who would have though of that 10 years ago? Still though with times getting so bad, no one can be too safe anymore.
As for the dna from the cap-yep they can get something from it. Cause the hair is probably in it from the thief! LOL
I truly am sorry that your neighbors home was broken into. Hopefully, they will capture them. And maybe it was just a one-time incident in your area.

JeaneBee said...

In May of this year, our mailbox was broken into and things were stolen...the thief then "washed" a check I had written for $20.00 and made it out to herself for $625.00.

Have a look at my post...

Thanks for commenting!

VIVEK said...

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Anonymous said...

We have had more problems with home break-ins than ever before. And it is not those who lost their jobs, its those who never had nor wanted a job in the first place.

There's not enough room in
jails for "minor" crimes so "minors" basically get a hand slap and sent on their way (to steal again)