My Passion for tennis (1) - THE INNER GAME OF TENNIS - Gallwey

I was told that to create an interesting blog, I should write about things that I was passionate about, things that others would want to read or things that would raise questions in the mind of the reader. Tennis is my game of choice but yours might be golf, bowling or any other sport. The principles are the need to be "in the zone" to be a winner.

Tennis isn't just hitting a little yellow ball back and forth across a 36" high net on a green playing field. Tennis is outwitting your opponent as much as it is outhitting him. "What is he planning to do, hit a lob, a short crosscourt dropshot or will the ball come straight at me? If he does this, I will do that....if he hits crosscourt, I'll return down the line" Your mind is busy....too busy!

In 1974 W. Timothy Gallwey wrote The Inner Game of Tennis. Gallwey writes that "every game is composed of two parts, an outer game and an inner game. The outer game is played against an opponent and the inner game is the one that is taking place in the mind of the player. The player of the inner game comes to value the art of relaxed concentration and aims at the kind of spontaneous performance which occurs only when the mind is calm."

Throughout this blog, I will try to detail the lessons that I have learned as I go in quest of the inner game.

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Todd said...

How about a tennis for beginners blog? I'm looking to start and need some help.

Neil McAffer said...

Interesting that you've hit on this theme of it being inside you . Perhaps you would like to look at my blog which deals with looking inside yourself to discover your way to achieving success .