Plastic baby bottles - yes or no?

I think we will replace Andrew’s plastic baby bottles with glass…’s news report says that bisphenol, a chemical used to make baby bottles and other shatterproof plastic containers could be linked to a range of hormonal problems.

From what I understand, heating the baby bottle in a microwave releases more of the chemical. And we wonder why our children and grandchildren have been developing illnesses and health problems in greater numbers.

More than 90 percent of Americans are exposed to trace amounts of bisphenol, according to the CDC. The chemical leaches out of water bottles, the lining of cans and other items made with it. Thats a scary statement.....we're slowly but surely being poisoned. A little here, a little there, adds up to a lot more than a trace.

The American Chemistry Council, which represents manufacturers, said the report “affirms that there are no serious or high level concerns for adverse effects of bisphenol on human reproduction and development.”

A spokeswoman for the International Formula Council, which represents baby food makers, said Tuesday added “ that no foreign governments have restricted or banned its use. “

Now why doesn’t that statement make me feel relieved?
Visit this site.......Plastic bottles and diabetes

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