Wealth...a dream not realized

"Always try to rub against money, for if you rub against money long enough, some of it may rub off on you." (from Damon Runyon's "Very Honorable Guy").

Greenbacks, dough, moolah, rhino, jack, buck, bread, c-note, dead presidents are just a few names for our American dollar. No matter what you call it, money is necessary and money is wanted. But the question is, “how do I get it”.
Lets see, you could have inherited it, i.e. Kennedy, Romney, Bush, and other billionaires in the United States. Or, you could have won the national Lottery (as opposed to that one that you keep getting emails from in Nigeria), hit the jackpot at a casino or, like Jed Clampett, be “shootin’ at some food” and strike oil.

"We need to make some extra money!" Who hasn't said that at one time or another!! Our first attempt, several years ago, was to join the Amway group. Unfortunately, although they have great products, most people didn’t want to pay the prices for quality products. They could "get it cheaper" at Wal-mart or Target. We didn’t make any money (but had a really clean house!)
Next, I thought I’d try selling Tiara glassware, another great company. I was doing pretty well, taking the glassware to home parties, a la Tupperware, until the company went out of business. I had high hopes that we had found our "pot of gold" (the only gold we have is the trim on the Tiara plates.
Our last endeavor was selling on EBAY….we still do that, but aren’t getting rich that way either. Ebay’s charges and fees are killing any profit that we could make.
And, people are looking for bargains and unless you are offering items that are really special, unique or outrageously cheap, things don't sell. (see me for some great deals on jeans, shirts, dog hair, Nebraska sweatshirts etc.)

Oh well, I didn’t start writing this blog to make money…in fact, I didn’t know that blogs COULD make money. (and this one isn’t !!) But, I enjoy doing it, doesn't cost anything and gives me something to do on those long, cold Nebraska nights.

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