Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

My husband’s hobby is model trains and we never pass up the opportunity to see train set-ups. In November we drove to Chicago to visit the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry….it’s not only machines but contains exhibits that were unexpected.

I had expected rows and rows of machines….wonderful for some guys, but not me.

But, we were surprised to find ourselves ingrossed in “the Baby
chicks Hatchery"– we actually saw a chick peck it’s way out of the shell and tumble into the world. Hmmm, wonder what they do with all the chicks that hatch?

Our grandsons had a great time....most of the exhibits were "hands on" and they played with everything from the Idea Factory to robots and flight simulators.

There were three displays that we particularly wanted to see…the U-505 Submarine, the Coal Mine and the Great Train Story. We saw them all, plus everything else we could possibly cram into in an 8 hour period. (wear your walking shoes, it’s a BIG place.)

The Great Train Story has a huge layout with 34 HO scale train engines and cars. The layout takes you on a cross-country journey from Chicago to Seattle through very realistic terrain and cityscapes. My husband was in heaven! He spent hours examining the buildings, bridges, mountains and tunnels as the trains chugged past.

“Ron, one of my club members has a train like that!” …”I had that engine but sold it”…”look at that Silver Zephyr!”

Speaking of the Pioneer Zephyr , the actual engine and several cars are housed in the museum. We took the free tour and sat in a passenger car (with lifelike statues) while the tour guide told us about the train's background. Our grandkids loved sitting next to the models -- they talked!

I HIGHLY recommend the museum to anyone who is visiting Chicago with youngsters....they (and you) will have a ball! Plus, they have some GREAT desserts in the museum lunchroom!
It was a day well spent!

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