Super Seniors Winning Song!!!

The narrative was spoken by the oldest player..….me!

“This song is dedicated to the Super Senior tennis players in this room. You know who you are…’re the ones who walk onto the court to battle players who are sometimes 20, 30 or more years younger than you (don’t you just love the smirks when they see who they have to play…..and then find that our dinks, lobs and drop shots can be very effective.)

You come prepared with knee braces, elastic arm bands, wet towels, hats or visors. On hot days you may have an umbrella in your bag along with water jugs and Gatorade….plus an assortment of Motrin, Advil, Tylenol, Joint Flex and Ben-Gay products.

Tennis is our game….and a great one it is. From the time a child picks up a racket and smacks the first ball across the net to the time a senior serves an ace to win the match…….We’re out there! We’re doing it! *******

Song…(very loosely based on “I AM WOMAN” - by Helen Reddy and Ray Burton

We are Seniors that is true,
But my friends, we’re telling you
We can lob and serve and volley with the best.

All those youngsters that we play
Think that things will go their way
But we’ve seen it all before and we’re not fooled.

(Chorus) Oh yes, we are good and have wisdom born of age
Yes, we have our aches, but look at what we’ve gained.
If we have to, we can play anyone.
We can lob, we can return their serve!

‘Tho age 60’s come and gone, we’ve the will to carry on
And we’ve used our skills to help us beat the rest.
Look around this room tonight, smile and clap with all your might
‘cause you know that you’re the teams that were the best.

(Chorus) Oh yes, you are good and have wisdom born of age
Yes, you have your aches, but just look at what you’ve gained.
If you have to, you can do anything
You are strong, You’re unbelievable!


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SuperSkyRockets said...

Loved your song! Very inspiring!