OUR CRUISE VACATION 2007 A Sea Day Page 10

Our last day on the ship….we wandered around exploring one more time…finding places that we didn’t see when we first boarded her. We also went to the photo gallery and found our newest selection of photos. These were better and between us we bought $250.00 worth.

We had to have our luggage outside of our cabins by 7:00 so started packing. Hmmmm seems we have more luggage than we brought….guess those tee shirts and miscellaneous souvenirs take up more space than we expected.

The “March of the Baked Alaska’s” was held this evening. The waiters march around the dining room with huge volcano-shaped baked Alaska’s held over their heads. Something in the base of the Alaska’s was smoking and they looked like little volcanoes. The lights were dimmed. Then we all opened up our napkins and spun them over our heads.

It was Lisa and John’s anniversary, and the waiters brought them a little anniversary cake, and 5 of them sang “Happy Anniversary” to them. Lisa had no idea that John had put them up to it.

We told our two waiters how much we enjoyed their service, gave them an envelope with their “tip” and went to the “farewell dance party”. The kids enjoyed dancing and watching the various activities going on … we threw streamers at the dancers and then wandered off to see what else was going on throughout the ship.

I haven't mentioned the fairly recent movies, bingo, (won $200.00) and many, many places on the ship where you could quietly read, play chess or checkers with a new friend, learn to mix drinks, or spend your vacation simply sitting on a deck chair, something cool to drink, and a deck steward at your beck and call.
On some ships you can renew your marriage vows, get a temporary tattoo, go to church services and at the Captains's party, shake hands with the ship's captain and have your photo taken with him. The captains, depending on the cruise line, generally speak English or at least are bi-lingual. The crew and stewards are generally from 3rd world countries and one can usually understand them. On our 1st Princess cruise, most of them were from the Phillipines, on Carnival, they were mostly from the Slovic countries and our Carnival's waiters were from Slovica. All were helpful and did their best to please.

(to be continued)

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