Salmon and Musky fishing

Ah, to be young and have a father who both loves fishing and has a nice, big boat to fish from. Our grandson Austin and his Dad, John Paul love to fish.

These photos were taken while on a vacation several years ago with friends who live in Port Washington, Wisconsin, about 25 miles north of Milwaukee and fish Lake Michigan nearly every week.....I should mention that when fishing on Lake Michigan, it really gives you peace of mind to be in a BIG boat.

Port Washington pierhead light as seen from Lake Michigan

It may not be possible to get seasick in a land-locked lake, but from experience, it can! ....bouncing around plus swinging sideways as the big waves hit will scramble all but the hardiest of stomachs! Of course, John, Austin's father smugly says "I've never been seasick in my life".......we cross our fingers that his time doesn't come when he's captaining a boatload of fishermen. (on the other hand, we secretly hope that he will get really seasick and find himself barfing over the side for 10 minutes or so....would serve him right for bragging!)

Austin is 12 years old (2007) and has been a fisherman since he was old enough to hold a rod. I can remember fishing in Minnesota years ago with 3 year old Austin bundled up in a life jacket bigger than he was. He wasn't able to handle a rod and reel too well, but he was a pro when he fished with a bamboo pole. He put quite a dent in the perch and rock bass population of Ten Mile Lake!
This 12 pound salmon was caught by Austin on Lake Michigan. He hooked it himself and fought it to the boat, but needed help with landing it. John and Austin usually fish for fun, they believe in "catch and release" and photos are all that they keep. However, this salmon made it to the dinner table....yummmmm, grilled salmon!!

On another fishing trip earlier this year, this small musky (muskellunge) weighing about 15 lbs was also caught by help from Dad this time. After a long and really fun battle, they boated it, took photos and then released it back into the lake. Musky's have a mouth full of lethal teeth and getting the lure out before releasing it can be a real challenge. Sometimes, the fisherman/fisherwoman has a shredded finger to remember the experience. John has the scars to prove it.

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